Nicholas Dwork

I am very excited about advanced mathematics applied to medical technology. In particular, I am most interested in applications of optimization to medical imaging. Most of my research has focused on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI); I have also worked on Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and other imaging technologies. Aside from research, I greatly enjoy teaching and do so regularly.

Journal Papers


Calibrationless Multi-coil Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Compressed Sensing

     N. Dwork, E. Johnson, D. O'Connor, J. Gordon, A. Kerr, C. Baron, J. Pauly, P. Larson

     Preprint available on , This work has been submitted to the IEEE for possible publication. Copyright may be transferred without notice, after which this version may no longer be accessible.


Rosette Trajectories Enable Ungated, Motion Robust, Simultaneous Cardiac and Liver T2* Iron Assessment

     A. Bush, C. Sandino, S. Ramachandran, F. Ong, N. Dwork, E. Zucker, A. Syed, J. Pauly, M. Alley, S. Vasanawala

     Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging


Fast Variable Density Poisson-Disc Sample Generation with Directional Variation

     N. Dwork, C. Baron, E. Johnson, Daniel O'Connor, J. Pauly, P. Larson

     Preprint available on , This paper has been accepted by a journal for publication.


Di-chromatic Interpolation of Magnetic Resonance Metabolic Imagery

     N. Dwork, J. Gordon, S. Tang, D. O'Connor, P. Larson

     Preprint available on , This paper has been submitted to a journal and is currently in review

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Utilizing the Wavelet Transform's Structure in Compressed Sensing

     N. Dwork, D. O'Connor, C. Baron, E. Johnson, A. Kerr, J. Pauly, P. Larson

     Preprint available on , This paper has been submitted to a journal and is currently in review


Fast Imaging for Hyperpolarized MR Metabolic Imaging

     J. Gordon, H. Chen, N. Dwork, S. Tang, P. Larson

     Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging





Robust Dipstick Urinalysis Using a Low-cost, Micro-volume Slipping Manifold and Mobile Phone Platform

     G. Smith, N. Dwork, S. Khan, M. Millet, K. Magar, M. Javanmard, A. Ellerbee-Bowden

     Lab on a Chip (Featured on the Back Cover)




multiMap: A Gradient Spoiled Sequence for Simultaneously Measuring B1, B0, T1/M0, T2, T2*, and Fat Fraction of a Slice

     N. Dwork, A. Kerr, E. Johnson, C. Baron, S. Vasanawala, P. Larson, A. Bush, J. Pauly

     Preprint available on



Point-of-care Sample Analysis and Microscopy for Liquid Samples

     A. Bowden, N. Dwork, M. Javanmard, S. Khan, K. Magar, M. Millet, G. Smith

     United States Patent Application 20170262694


Refined Optical System

     D. Campion, D. Kane, N. Dwork, M. Pohlman, and R. Potter

     US 8624177 B2

Acknowledged In


Low-power, Low-cost Urinalysis System With Integrated Dipstick Evaluation and Microscopic Analysis

     G. Smith, L. Li, Y. Zhu, A. Bowden

     Lab on a Chip


Speckle-modulating Optical Coherence Tomgoraphy in Living Mice and Humans

     O. Liba, M. Lew, E. SoRelle, R. Dutta, D. Sen, D. Moshfeghi, S. Chu, A. Zerda

     Nature Communications